C&B Guest Tyer, 604 Flies

As we make our way through the world of fly fishing with our little company we are meeting more and more talented and amazing people who share our passions. One of these such people is Zach Copland, AKA 604 Flies. 

    Hailing from Ladner, in the Lower Mainland of BC, Zach has been fishing and tying flies for over 8 years. Ranging from chironomids through to big streamers his ties are bright, clean and highly functional. Though he loves swinging streamers on our bigger flows, its catching the fabled Pennask rainbow trout of the Okanagan on his popular chironomid patterns that really gets him excited. 

    As one way we can give back to the community and help shine a light on some of our local talent, we are pretty excited to showcase Zach's tying skills as our first featured guest fly tyer. We do not just fish our own flies as we know other people have some very effective patterns and its best to have more options when the fish are finicky. Zach has recently impressed us with his flies that turned out to be priceless in enticing our local cutthroat trout. The quality of his ties, the thought that goes into his colour combinations, and frankly, just how well they fish made our decision to work with him a no brainer.

    For his offering he decided to whip up some gorgeous little stripping flies he calls "Glass Buggers". Each one tied on a size 12 hook with a pinched barb. We are offering them as a 5 pack. Each 5 pack will come with the following;

red - Red Dragon Glass Bugger

white - C2 Glass Bugger

Olive/orange - Pumpkin Head glass Bugger

Black/Blue - Bruised Bugger

Maroon - Maroon Bugger

    These little machines are sure to tempt even the most wily of trout. 

    You can find them in our fly shop. 

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