Fraser Valley and Blackwater Rainbow trout in the Lower Mainland

Both are rainbow trout but notice how different they look.
   The top photo is a Blackwater Rainbow trout from one of the Lower Mainland’s (BC) more remote lakes. While most lakes in this region are stocked with the Fraser Valley strain (the bottom photo) , there are a few stocked with the black water strain if you know where to look.
   The Black water trout tend to be more aggressive and haunt the shallows a little more, preferring bigger meals. They are spotted a lot less than their Fraser Valley cousins and have a thinner body. These a wild stock derived from the Blackwater river north of Quesnel, BC.
   The Fraser Valley strain is actually a domesticated trout brought up from Tacoma Washington in the 60s. These tend to be very girthy and can put up a good fight due to their weight. You can often find these heavily spotted fish a little farther off the shore in the deeper water. Though, they have been known to patrol the shore in spring and fall for leeches and other invertebrates. Like the Pennask trout of the Kamloops area, they feed very heavily on chironomids.
    As well as these two species, you can find Coastal Cutthroat trout and Brook trout depending on the lake you are at. Granted the Brookies may take a little more searching, but they are out there

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