High Mountain Lakes

When the summer hits hard and hot, they lakes get quite warm and un productive. 

Trout need a certain water temperature to thrive in, around 12C. Once it gets up into the mid to high 20's the oxygen levels lower and with the warm water the fish become highly stressed. Fishing warm waters at this time will often result in an over exhausted fish which will perish. 

Mid summer often finds fisherman turning their attention to cold running rivers or higher elevation lakes. 

Some of the most beautiful lakes we have fished have been the ones found at high elevations. Yes, these open up way later in the season, often into July, but they are also very productive! These fish have such a shorter season between icings to gorge on food and are often way more indiscriminant on what they target. 

The lower mainland has many many lakes which are fantastic fisheries that all but turn off in the mid summer. Luckily for those of you that do not turn your attention to the amazing Bass opportunities we have (but that is for another blog post) the Lower Mainland is surrounded by mountains. 

The Coastal range, Coquihalla's, and Cascades are all easily reachable and all have many fantastic lake options. With a little investigation and travel you can find Coastal Cutthroat trout, Brook trout, Blackwater Rainbow trout, and Fraser Valley Rainbow trout. Many of these lakes are regularly stoked but our favourites hold naturally sustaining native species. 

Now get out there and explore.

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