Timber and Fins Collab - Creekside Fly Wallet

In this day and age of technology it is really easy to get lost on the internet watching random YouTube fishing videos or spend endless hours on social media drooling over another persons fish photos. Most of the time we oppose this and really try to put the phone down and get out and actually go fishing. Nothing ever will replace the purity of actual experience. 

But sometimes something really cool can happen via social media. Maybe you stumble upon some like minded people in another part of the country or world that you would never of had access to before and make a solid connection. Such is the case with Montreal based Timber and Fins. to be honest I cannot remember which of us reached out to the other first over DMs, but both of us had been liking each others posts for a while. Then one comment led to another, packages were sent, and then it happened. One word was shared.


That one word has so much possibility and can generate so much excitement!

It was obvious from the start that both of our brands were running on similar passions and trajectories. Cutts with its skateboarding and artwork tied to the love of fly fishing, and Timber and Fins with its beautiful leather and wood work tied to a love of fly fishing. Both small niche brands from opposite ends of the country, coming together via instagram. We live in an amazing time indeed. 

Timber and Fins was started in Quebec Canada in 2019 by David-Alexandre Chabot . They are deeply invested in sustainable and eco friendly products and produce a number of high quality fly fishing related leather and wood products. 

For our collab we wanted to offer something original that showcased Davids leather working skills. We shared a few ideas and we ended up going with one of his prototype fly wallet designs. 

After a few design and logo tweaks we were both very happy with what we now call the "Creekside Fly Wallet". A small minimalistic all natural fly wallet made right in Montreal, QC. Each one made individually by hand.  Plant based tanned full grain leather and golden dyed sheep's wool make this sweet little fly wallet really stand out. 

Our part of the project was to design and tie the flies being offered. As we knew this would be geared more to small river/stream.creek fishing we tied flies more in line with this. Flies you can cast with a 3 weight fly rod or a tenkara rod and still have a few bigger fish key in on them. We offered 2 Kebari flies (one in olive and one in blk/burg), a traditional Japanese fast water fly that can fished as a dry or stripped back against the current just under the surface, an ever classic parachute Adams dry fly in a natural brown, our popular yellow micro buzzer, a black red bellied terrestrial drowning beetle, and our signature leech pattern which has become a staple no matter what water you are fishing. 

Add a leather Timber and Fins patch, a orange and brown dry fly patch (only offered exclusively with this collab), and a few stickers and you have the Creekside Fly wallet collab package! 

We could not be more stoked to have made a new friend across the country and have the chance to work together on something so cool! Now we just have to figure out which one of us is flying across the country to meet up for some serious fly fishing!




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